Hey there!

We’re 2 girls living next door to each other! As we are both boy moms, we’ve both bonded and grown accustomed to messy houses, dirty feet and noisy rooms.  When we get together we discuss how our powers combined we’d make a pretty well-rounded woman.   Reagan loves to cook homemade dinners 5 nights a week, Polly’s more of  semi-homemade type of girl.  Reagan can only see the big picture, while Polly combs through all the details.  Polly’s hair is always done with a fresh face of makeup on & Reagan’s dirty hair in a  bun, yesterday’s mascara and elastic waist pants!  Polly prefers fit and flattering, Reagan–cool  and comfortable!

We both love shopping, food, good drinks (usually tequila), a good deal,  making our house beautiful, throwing a party and having a good time!

If you drove down our street, chances are you’d find us sitting out front in the cul-de-sac planning our next street party while the kids run around!

So, here we are living our Nextdoor Life! Fit, flattering, cool & comfortable! There’s something for everyone.  Join us, if nothing else, it’s going to be fun!!


Polly & Reagan


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